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Travelling the world for Ministry of Sound’s new audio range

The seminal club brand Ministry of Sound commissioned us to create an exciting campaign for their newly released high end line of audio products. Having made its name from being a pioneer in the electronic music scene back in the early nineties, Ministry of Sound has always been renowned for the amazing quality of its club sound system. It is now putting this to the test by bringing that sound quality to your daily life.


We travelled around the world (London, Paris, Rio, New York, L.A., Ibiza, Delhi, Tokyo and Sydney) to create the campaign that will market the products. It’s an ambitious series of online films, print and a TVC. Shot in 9 cities and 5 continents around the world, the campaign will explore people’s relation to music.


Each city has a lead character that will reveal the unique way that part of the world or that particular character relates to music. Their dance, their inspiration, the sounds, all the elements will construct this blueprint that represents a slice of how the world experience music today.


We threw out all pre conceptions of what we wanted to find and allowed the individualities of each place direct us. Each different city, people and culture has its idiosyncrasies. The key is to keep a naive eye, to be prepared to adapt and embrace new scenarios. As outsiders we are more sensitive to details and scenes most locals take for granted. That’s the beauty of a campaign that takes us to new corners of the world.


To watch all the 9 stories click here.


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