This campaign supports the release of Ministry of Sound's new audio range. Shot in 9 cities, it showcases dancers from all over the world, the cities that inspire them and their passion for music.

Sound is the force that drives you to move. You shake your body, nod your head, tap your feet. Whether in a club, your home, or on the go, it's infectious. We stand up, we raise our chest high and we declare 'It's time to dance, I am the Sound.'

These 9 short films are part of an online supporting campaign for the TVC.

Each character is showcased in a short that reveals the unique way that part of the world or that particular character relates to music. Their dance and inspiration constructs a blueprint that represents a slice of how we experience music today.

Client: Bullitt, Ministry of Sound
Production: Autobahn
Director: Pedro and James

Rio de Janeiro
Hiltinho Fantástico (Fantastic Hiltinho), is an 18 year old dancer from Nova Iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is one of the main icons of a new style of dancing coming from the Rio favelas called Passinho. Hiltinho won a Passinho competition with the best dancers of the style and now he is part of a band where he dances and sings.

Caitlin is a roller derby athlete from Huntington beach California. She is one of the promises of the sport and will be taking part of the US team draft in 2016. Roller Derby is a tough sport and Caitlin is as tough as it gets.

Shino is a 27 year old dancer living in Tokyo. When she saw hip hop dancers in the streets in her teenage years it changed her. She has been an active dancer in the vibrant Tokyo scene for years and has built her unique style from club battles and her work with some of the most famous artists in the business.

New York
Amy Secada has created a unique style of dancing that mixes African and Brazilian influences with modern dance. She grew up in NYC in the heydays of House Music and was a regular of the scene. She then lived in Senegal and Brazil where her art developed into what it is today.

Vishal is a 19-year old dancer from New Delhi, India. He combines ballet and jazz to create his own contemporary style. Recently, he was shortlisted by Disney for their production of Beauty & The Beast in Mumbai. He also teaches at a local dance academy, and dreams of becoming a successful choreographer someday. In India to become a modern dancer is already a maverick thing in itself.

Jacqueline Mitchell is a unique dancer from Sydney Australia. She has been dancing all her life and trained with The Australian Ballet Junior School, making her first professional debut as a dancer with The Australian Ballet Company in Swan Lake at the Sydney Opera House. Jacqueline mixes modern dance and street dance with hints of classical. She currently teaches dance in between working professionally, often producing music with musicians to accompany her choreography.

Yanelis is a Cuban contortionist and acrobat that came from a gymnastics background. She lives in Ibiza and is part of the aerial and ground acrobatic show team at Ocean Beach. She tours the world hung high in the air stretching herself in ways almost inconceivable.

Tom is an up and coming dancer and choreographer from Leicester that works developing kids confidence and self esteem through dance. He choreographs and dances in various groups around the midlands and London area.

Born in the 10th district of Paris, Mullor Abe grew up surrounded by music.
He joined the "Studio Création" in his local neighbourhood and this gave the opportunity to perfect his skills in hip hop and street dance over a five year period. In 2011, he started studying at the International Dance Academy and in 2013, he joined the Young European Ballet. He teaches dance to the children in his community and has danced professionally in the Palace of Versailles and at the opening ceremony of the César Award.